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Zamutovcan - Slovak folklore group - ZÁMUTOV
Aktualizované: 14. Október 2015 08:25:08

Zamutovcan - Slovak folklore group

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The folklore group Zamutovcan comes from the eastern part of Slovakia, from the village Zamutov. It’s one of the oldest and the best known folklore groups within this region. The foundation of the folklore group was initiated in 1964.

Some of the many dances that have become characteristic for the village, and for the group as well as, are czardas, polka, karicka (girl’s circle dance which is danced only to the rhythm of singing without music), verbunk (men’s recruit dance), flaskovy (bottle dance), laskovy (dance with spoons), capase (men’s typical component of dance, where dancers slap their legs with hands in certain rhythm) and many more. Most of these dances are unique for the village Zamutov and cannot be found anywhere else in Slovakia. Therefore our group motivate high number of folklore ensembles not even in Slovakia but also among the Slov

akian ensembles over the world for example in France, Canada, Great Britain, Taiwan, Ukraine etc.

At present the group has 40 members, that’s 5th generation of dancers aged from 16 to 30 years old, initial generation of singers aged from 50 to 65 years old and also the oldest and the most authentic music compilation whatsoever. It’s music band of Josef  Kroka – Češľak  and it consist from 5 musicians – 2 violins, 2 violas and a contrabass.

Successes and prizes

The folklore group Zamutovcan has a long list of successes from which our biggest appreciation belongs to:

  • Television movie Zamutovska svadba (Wedding from Zamutov) made in 1975.
  • Television movie Neplačte vy mamička (Don’t cry my mom) made in 1982.
  • Television movie Cesty za folklorom (Ways to folklore) made in 1997.
  • 1 recorded lp in 1971, 3 recorded cds in 2002, 2004,2009
  • 3 wins of National folklore group competition in Slovakia from 6 attendances.

Participations on latest festivals:

2015 - Croatia, 2012 - Canada - CIOFF, 2010 -  Turkye – CIOFF, 2008 – Italy – CIOFF,2008 – 2x Czech republic, 2007 – Turkey, 2006 – Paris, France,

2006 – Hungary, 2004 – 2x Hungary – CIOFF, 2004 – Ukraine, 2003 – Bulgaria – CIOFF

2002 – Holland – CIOFF

Other participations in earlier years:

Hungary – 6x, Germany – 1x, Yugoslavia – 1x, Ukraine – 3x, Poland – 6x,

We are looking forward to cooperate with you soon.

Marek Visnovsky, Zamutov 209,094 15 Zamutov, Slovakia, Tel.: ++421 905 249 874

English speaking assistant: Slavo Visnovsky, ++421 908 332 088

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